Command stations and controllers from the "old" Systems (MX1, MX1HS, MX1EC, MX31, MX31FU, MX31ZL) are no longer available!

The "old" ZIMO System



 Standard and High,
 Current Command Sation


Command Station

MX31, MX31FU

     Radio Controller

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    Radio Base Module

MX7, MX7/3

Reverse Loop Modules


Accessory modules


Track section modules


Cables and connections


Accessory Module
Manual Technical Information:
Power supply by external transformer
Number of paired functions (e.g. turnouts) / single functions 
True position feedback on drives with end switches
Maximum current output (overload protected) 
CV defined switch time 
10 - 18V AC
16 / 32

1 A cont.), 3 A (Spitze)
0,1 - 25 sec
172 x 112 x 40 mm

Accessory modules (in contrast to accessory decoders) are controlled via CAN bus and use the same bus for feedback information. That makes them independent from  track power and are therefore not affected by power outage due to short circuits, can use a different voltage (higher or lower than track voltage) and don't present an extra load neither to track current nor data transmission in both directions.

Signals can be operated just as the prototype, with slow illumination/dimming of lights (CV adjustable turn on/off time). Additionally, 14 auxiliary inputs are present on both the MX8S and MX8M, to let trains operate turnouts directly through contact track sections, reed switches etc. (assigned through CV's).

Ordering Information:
MX8S Accessory module for 16 turnouts with twin coil solenoid,  32 uncouplers or signals with a total of 32 light bulbs (or LED's). Group operations possible, e.g. 4 turnouts and 6 signals with 4 bulbs each.
MX8M Same as MX8S above but also capable of operating turnouts with motor or EPL drive. 
MX8STECK Connector set for MX8S or MX8M.
MX8S and MX8M will be shipped without a CAN bus cable, because the cable length needed can vary greatly. Don't forget to order a CAN bus cable  in the desired length together with an accessory module or the material necessary to make one yourself (including a divider box if needed)! 
TRAFO15 A primary power supply is needed for the MX8S or MX8M; 
a 10 - 18 V Transformer, depending on the required voltage!
Transformer; input 220 - 240 V, output  15 V, capacity 150 VA
Provides optimum power for the command stations!

Last Updated: 2010-09-30