Command stations and controllers from the "old" Systems (MX1, MX1HS, MX1EC, MX31, MX31FU, MX31ZL) are no longer available!

The "old" ZIMO System



 Standard and High,
 Current Command Sation


Command Station

MX31, MX31FU

     Radio Controller

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    Radio Base Module

MX7, MX7/3

Reverse Loop Modules


Accessory modules


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MX31, MX31FU - Cab, Radio Controlled Cab


ENGLISH manual,

GERMAN manual

(this is sometimes
al little more up-to-date
then the English manual)

Selectable operating language (English, French, and 6 other languages) for ZIMO cabs MX31 and MX31FU from July 2006 !


    Current consumption on CAN cable (when 20 - 30 V)
Weight MX31
Weight MX31FU
20 - 50 mA
58 - 69 mm x 23 -39 mm x 150 mm
135 g
205 g

The following section lists some typical characteristics and features, which illustrates the status of the ZIMO MX31 and MX31FU in comparison to handhelds, cabs, stations and “mice” of the competition. This list is neither complete nor compiled according to significance:

NOTE: ZIMO's concept of a continually evolving system will bring new software updates. The ZIMO Service Tool program (ZST) is designed to facilitate the update procedure.

  • Unrestricted access to all functions within a ZIMO system (true for all ZIMO cabs): driving, switching, programming, block control, automation.

  • Two main operating modes (OPERATOR and EXPERT) with their aim of “basic functions – comfortable and simple” or  “maximum information - largest range of functions”; as well as the “GUEST” mode for the control of one  pre-assigned train only.

  • Assignment and use of names not just for locomotive and turnout addresses but also for trains (consists), turnout ladders  and in the future for other elements as well (e.g. operating sequences).

  • Keyboard illumination, automatic dimming of LED’s and display (daylight sensor), readable in full sun light.

  • Background memory can be superimposed and scrolled through (list of locos and accessories stored in the background memory, ready to be activated) at the same time a loco or accessory address is active; switching to a selected background address is possible with just one keystroke.

  • Simultaneous control of two locos (incl. graphical representation), speed/direction with speed slider/directional key or encoder wheel respectively, particularly suitable for shunting activities and consist building.

  • Accessibility of most application levels either through a comprehensive menu structure with integrated help files or by direct acting key combinations.

  • Programming mode (service mode and operational mode) with "command line memory" to simplify experimental changes in coherent decoder CV’s that also allows copying to other addresses.

  • Integration of the bidirectional communication in the areas of “driving”, “switching” and “programming”. Numerical display of target speed and actual speed as well as indicators for automated signal stops and brake sections. Fast clock, selectable as local time or synchronized system-time.

  • Special procedures for the definition and activation of different “automated operating sequences”, which are processed by the command station (ABA, ARA, block control, future features….).

  • Multilingualism, probably with an option of adding phrases in your own slang.

  • Software updates via Internet and command station with the help of the ZIMO Service Tool (ZST), no charge of course.

Radio characteristics MX31FU :

Range 50 - 100 m in buildings, even more in outddor operation.

Battery operation time 8 hours.

Number of radio cabs operating simultaneously: "officially" 4, practically various events worked with 8 cabs without problems.

An US/Canada version (900 MHz band instead of 433 MHz) probably will be developed in 2006/2007 !



MX31 "normales" kabelgebundenes Fahrpult
MX31FU Funk-Fahrpult (kabellos oder am Kabel einsetzbar)
Zum Betrieb der Funkfahrpulte wird jeweils der zugehörige "Basismodul" als Gegenstelle gebraucht, also das Funk-Basismodul MXFU. Ein Basismodul kommuniziert mit mindestens 4 kabellosen Fahrpulten (auch gemischt MX31FU, MX21FU,MX2FU) gleichzeitig. Siehe eigene Produktbeschreibung !
Außer im Rahmen eines Startsets werden Fahrpulte ohne CAN Bus - Kabel ausgeliefert, weil die Erfordernisse bezüglich dessen Länge sehr unterschiedlich sind. Daher - wenn nicht schon vorhanden - nicht vergessen, ein CAN Bus - Kabel in der gewünschten Länge oder das Material zum Selbstbau der Kabeln, und ev. Verteiler-Kupplungen mitzubestellen !

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