Command stations and controllers from the "old" Systems (MX1, MX1HS, MX1EC, MX31, MX31FU, MX31ZL) are no longer available!

The "old" ZIMO System



 Standard and High,
 Current Command Sation


Command Station

MX31, MX31FU

     Radio Controller

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    Radio Base Module

MX7, MX7/3

Reverse Loop Modules


Accessory modules


Track section modules


Cables and connections




Command Station


Technical Information:
manual for
  Power supply by external transformer 
Stabilized and short circuit protected track voltage
Max. track current  
RS 232 - Interface
Auxiliary input pins for contact rails of shuttle train
operation and external emergency stop button
NMRA compatible control bus for external boosters
Lithium battery for data retainment in RAM
24-28 V, min. 150 VA, e.g. TRAFO25
adjustable 12 - 24 V
8 A,
reducible  through CV
up to 38400 bit/sec

512 kByte / 256 kByte

10 years
210 x 70 x 210 mm

Thanks to the economy starter sets with it's MX1EC command station, it is now possible to enjoy the ZIMO digital command control system for a low price never seen before. A ZIMO starter kit is by no means a cheap system but doesn't cost much more then a less sophisticated DCC system. 

There is absolutely no difference between the economy command station MX1EC and the standard ZIMO command station MX1 in terms of performance and application; a simpler housing, a common output for main and programming track, the lack of a built in display (an external display can be hooked up, instead), fewer connecting sockets, fewer labels and so on, make a substantially lower price possible.

The MX1EC has (like all command stations) two sockets for the 6 stranded CAN bus cable, which is used to connect it with all the cabs and modules of the ZIMO system.


Therefore also see description of MX1
(for instance description of CV #, updating...) !


The main differenes to MX1:

  • The front indicators of the MX1EC:
    are made up of one green LED and 6 tri-color LED's for a rough indication of the actual track voltage (in steps of 2V) and track current (narrow graduation in the lower range, wider graduation in the upper range) as well as short circuit situations.

  • A two line LCD display (available as an accessory ), externally connected,
    shows exact voltage and current levels and lots of other useful information (CAN bus activity, programming support etc., just as the built in display of the standard and high output command station MX1 and MX1HS). The external display can be installed away from the command station with the help of a flat ribbon cable.

  • Connectors at rear of the unit:

- Socket for external transformer,

- Two identical sockets, wired in parallel ("Western", 6 pin "Telephone", "modular jacks") for CAN bus, to connect cabs, accessory modules, track section modules, infrared and radio cabs, turn table modules computer and possibly future system components,

- Jumpers for selecting the data  format,

- 8 auxiliary inputs for shuttle train operation, future "automatic operations", external emergency stop button,

- Track connection (main and programming track together),

- DC and ground connections (ahead of DCC end stage) for uses such as, the supply of the MX7,

- 4 pin control bus socket to connect boosters (ZIMO MXBOO or MX1HS) as slave units but also 3rd party products using a control bus,

- RS 232 Interface.

The Economy Starter Sets:

The economy command station MX1EC is usually obtained as part of a ZIMO starter set. Additionally, a cab, one decoder for the selected scale, the necessary cable and connectors and a ZIMO manual (which not only contains the information of the starter set but of all ZIMO components) is part of a starter set. NOTE: The necessary transformer is not included; TRAFO25 is recommended by ZIMO, but any other transformer can be used (ca. 24V, min 150VA).

Economy Starter Sets:
STARTNEC Economy starter set for scales N, TT, etc.: MX1EC command station,  MX2 cab, miniature decoder MX62, connectors, connecting cable and operating manual.
STARTKEC Economy starter set for H0 scale: MX1EC command station,  MX2 cab, H0 decoder with NMRA connector MX64R, connectors, connecting cable and operating manual.
STARTGEC Economy starter set for O to G scale: MX1EC command station,  MX2 cab, MX66S large scale decoder, connectors, connecting cable and operating manual.
Individual Components:
MX1EC The ZIMO Economy command station with 8 A of power.
MX1DIS External display with cable, connects to MX1EC (same functions as the Display of the standard command station MX1).
MX1ECSTE Connector set for MX1EC.
TRAFO25 A primary power supply is needed for the MX1EC or starter set, respectively (a 24 - 28 V with a min. 150 VA capacity) !
Transformer; primary 220 - 240 V, secondary  25 V, capacity 200 VA
Provides optimum power for the command stations!

For each MX1EC (as for MX1), one TRAFO25 is needed.

Last Updated: 20010-09-30