Command stations and controllers from the "old" Systems (MX1, MX1HS, MX1EC, MX31, MX31FU, MX31ZL) are no longer available!

The "old" ZIMO System



 Standard and High,
 Current Command Sation


Command Station

MX31, MX31FU

     Radio Controller

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    Radio Base Module

MX7, MX7/3

Reverse Loop Modules


Accessory modules


Track section modules


Cables and connections



Radio base module


  Technical Information:
  manual is included in the manuals of the cabs
    Dimensions 166 x 74 x 38 mm + antenna

The MXFU radio module is connected via CAN bus with the command station (MX1, MX1HS or MX1EC) and makes a wireless communication possible with at least 4 MX2FU radio throttles or the (planned) MX3FU throttles. The communication is bi-directional and therefore also sends data back from the command station to the cab; for example, all the current cab settings when an engine is passed on to another cab to guarantee a successful take over. This fast connection to the Cabs makes them applicable as cable linked cabs.

The reach is 50 to 100m together with MX21FU and in built-up area, for instance main station is located in the basement or on the other side of the house.

MXFU Radio module

MXFU modules will be shipped without a CAN bus cable, because the cable length needed can vary greatly. Don't forget to order a CAN bus cable in the desired length together with a radio receiver module or the material necessary to make one yourself (including a divider box, if needed)! 

Last update: 2005 07 21