MX618... MX648    decoders for "small" scales

MX695, ..96, ..97                  large-scale decoders

MX681, ..685, ..686, ..687                      function decoders

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MX820E MX820D MX820V MX820X MX820Y MX820Z  
  for 1 turnout waterproof for 2 turnouts with economical "light outputs" for signals  
      High resolution pictures for download :    MX820E    MX820D    MX820V    MX820X     MX820Y     MX820Z    
Dimensions (mm) 19 x 11 x 2 23 x 12 x 3 19 x 11 x 3 19 x 11 x 2 19 x 11 x 3 19 x 11 x 3  

Expand Continuous current

1.0 A 1.0 A 1.0 A 1.0 A 1.0 A 1.0 A  

Expand Outputs fur switches/turnouts

1 1 2 1 2 -  
Expand Light outputs - - - 8 16 16  
Expand Switch inputs 2 2 4 2 4 -  
Expand Servo - outputs - - - - -  
Instruction manual Instruction manual
MX821: Servo decoder with 8 outputs
MX821S: MX821V:
  Like MX821S, but features additionally:
- 8 complete servo connections, each with 3 poles (5V or 6V supply, ground, control wire) - 16 inputs for potential override switches, with which each turnout can be positioned either from the tracks or from an interlocking switch.  
- power supply directly from the tracks (energy and DCC data) and/or an additional supply (so turnouts can also be swithed after an overcurrent); RailCom for feedback and reading CVs.
- 16 Open-collector outputs 100 mA each; various configurations possible, to connect a relay forfrog polarisation, or for signals that are addressed individually by definable additional or object addresses. This follows the same logic as the light outputs of the MX820.
Instruction manual: Instruction manual


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