Decoder and Sound Decoder for Large Scales (0, 1, G, 2, ...)

 MX630 ... MX648    Decoders for "small" scales

MX681, ..85, ..86                   Function Decoder

 MX82                   Accessory Decoder

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Large Scales

(Scale 0, 1, G, 2, ...) 



Type (Connection, Equipment)

MX695 (Foto MX695KV)

MX695KV, ..KS (Sound, Screw connectors)
MX695LV, .. LS (Sound, pin connectors)
MX695KN (without Sound)

MX696 (Foto MX696V)

MX696V, ..S (Sound)
MX696N (withoutSound)

Expand Decoder Families MX695, MX696: Brief Characteristics, Type, Photo,  High-Resolution Photos for Download
    MX695KV, ..LV
(complete versions)
MX695KS, ..LS
(reduced versions)
(complete version)
(reduced version)
Expand Dimensions (mm) 50 x 40 x 14 55 x 29 x 18        
Expand Max Motor Current (cont.) 6 A 4 A        
Expand Peak Current (about 20s) 10 A 10 A        
Expand "Normal" Function Outputs 14 8 14 8        
Expand Current Limit - Func Outpts in total 2 A in total 2 A        
Expand Smoke Fan Output 1 1 1 1        
Expand LED Outputs - - - -        
Expand Servo Outputs 4 (complete, 5V)) 4 (control only) 4 (control only)
Expand SUSI Interface Yes Yes        
Expand Energy Storage Interface Yes Yes        
Expand Low Voltage Outputs 5 V, 10 V, Adjust. 10 V 10 V, Adjustable 10 V        
Expand Switch Inputs 3        
Expand Loudspeaker Output 4 to 8 Ohm (or 2 x 8 Ohm parallel)        
Expand Audio Power 10 W        
Expand Sound Memory 32 Mbit
DOCS und INFO >>>
Connection Diagrams MX695 - Connection Diagram - - - -
Maunals User Manual        
Accessory List Accessories        


MXDECUP Decoder Update Device (also see: ZIRC, the 'ZIMO Rail Center")              Since 2005, all ZIMO Decoder firmware can be updated

Last update: 2012-01-20