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FLEXL10 10 m highly flexible wire. Available colours (black, white, red, blue, grey, orange, yellow, green, brown); same as used within the decoders; Can be used for wiring works in Locos.
for decoder
MX62, MX63 and MX64
300 m highly flexible wire on cabel reel. Same wire and colours than FLEXL10.
M4000Z  Amplifier-module for logic level outputs which are not allowed to be loaded with high currents. Decoders MX63 and MX64 are equipped with these functional outputs besides internal amplified ones.
M4000Z can drive 0,5A
SPEIKOMP Set of components for do-it-yourself energy storage modules. Intermateable with decoders MX62, MX63 and MX64. More Elkos can be added for higher energy storage, only limited by the cavity of your loco
Planned for 2008 !
Energy-storage module for scale HO and smaller locos and in combination with MX62, MX63 and MX64 family decoders.
Super capacitor and voltage regulation.
(Exact details cannot be given for the moment, planned project)
Producer: KROIS
Digital coupler according. All ZIMO Decoders are equipped with necessary requirements to drive a coupler. (time controlled outputs)
Producer: KROIS
same as DIGIMK1 but appropriate with magnetic tracks

RC-1 Smart Servo

a product from TOKI Corp.


Subminiature servo with memory wires; connector identical with standard motor swervo: Ground, 5 C, control. Usable wirh all ZIMO decoders with servo outputs.

Necessary voltage  ...............  5 V
Current consumtion  .....   70 mA
Dimensions   .......  38 x 9 x 3 mm

manual only in german

ZIMO Decoder Update Module: All current decoders can be updated with the latest firmware version. (free download from the ZIMO Homepage). This can easily been done by the enduser, Locos must not been opened.

The MXDECUP ist shipped with the power pack and a cable linking your computer.

For Updating you need a Windows Computer, Internet Access for firmware downloads and the software ZST (ZIMO Service Tool) which also can be downloaded for free at ZIMO Homepage.

MXDECUPU same as MCDECUP but with USB Adapter enclosed


Last update: 08 03 15