Decoder Highlights 2010  (from April / May) 1 APRIL 2010

After the new releases in 2009  in the decoder range for small scales, namely MX630 and MX632, we now complete the range with products of the latest technology. There is  (almost) a ZIMO Decoder for all case; with only two small gaps: a decoder with the 12-pin PluX interface (for TT scale) and a sound decoder with 22-pin PluX interface (for 00/H0 locos, which will soon come to market); so these will soon be announced!

The New Miniature Decoder MX621 (12 x 8.5 x 2 mm)  - the smallest decoder in the world?

Decoder Family MX621       Miniature Decoder  for N, TT, H0e,  (00/H0)       0,8 A       4 Function outputs

MX621      wired version, 8 wires
MX621N   with 6-pin plug (NEM651 direct)
MX621R   with 8-pin plug on wires (NEM652)
MX621F    with 6-pin plug on wires (NEM651)

The term "smallest decoder in the world" has been used by many manufacturers to describe decoders without important features such as function outputs, without back-EMF motor control, without short-circuit protection or without temperature monitoring.

The MX621 is indeed one of the smallest decoders, but it is also a  full-featured decoder: with 4 function outputs, complete hardware and software for motor control, with full voltage, current and temperature overload protection, and (of course) software updatable and with RailCom. With a 40V voltage rating, this is better than most large decoders. Only the software has been reduced somewhat, leaving out some features such as a servo-controlled ventilator fan and smoke control.

The MX621 replaces the MX620, and is functionally identical, for more info about ZIMO decoders and their properties, see the decoder table

The New 00/H0-Decoder MX631  (20.5 x 15.5 x 4 mm)  - The Upscale (ZIMO) Standard.

Decoder Family MX631  00/H0, (0) 1.2 A  6 Functions (+ 2 logic, Servos, SUSI)   Energy Storage Interface.

MX631      wired Version, 9 wires
MX631D   with 21-pin "MTC" direct plug
MX631R   with 8-pin plug on wires (NEM652)
MX631F    with 6-pin plug on wires (NEM651)

with 21-pin "MTC" plug for Mrklin, Trix locos

MX631 is the "missing link" between the "ZIMO Standard" decoder MX630 and the much stronger MX632; MX631 is in terms of strength, size and price between the MX630 and MX632.

Compares with the MX630 the MX631 has - like all new decoders - the advantage of the Energy Storage Interface, as has already been implemented in the MX632 and MX642. By selecting from the  MX631, MX63 or, MX642 one can support nearly all 00, H0 and 0 scale locos, with and without sound, in a convenient way with energy storage capacitors..

MX631D, the variant with 21-pin "MTC" plug, is now practically the ZIMO standard for this interface, (because there is no MX630D and the MX632D is often stronger and larger than is needed).

The New Sound Decoder MX642 (30 x 15 x 4.5 mm)  -                                                                                       with compelling and superior specs..

Sound Decoder Family MX642   00/H0, (0)    1.2 A     8 Functions (+ 2 LED, Servos, SUSI)    3 Watt  Sound

The MX642 is offered in addition to the MX640 type, and the MX640 will be cheaper than before, with the MX642 about 20% more, but still very reasonably priced…); both types are identical in many respects: power handling 1.2 A,multi-protocol DCC/MM, RailCom, 32 MBit sound file storage (180 to 360 sec). 22 kHz sample rate, and all other ZIMO features,

But the MX642 has a number of benefits:

- 3 Watt for one loudspeaker with an impedance of 3 Ohm, for example 3 x 8 ohm speakers in parallel, or a 4 ohm speaker in parallel with another 8 ohm speaker.

- Voltage protection up to 50 V (like the MX630 and MX632, better than the MX640 which "only" has 24 V), in addition DCC, MM, DC analogue and AC analogue,

- highly effective ESD protection for speaker outputs (which was a weakness in the MX640). ESD = electrostatic discharge.

- shorter and thinner: 30 x 15 x 4.5 mm (instead of the MX640 - 33 x 16 x 5 mm) , thus suitable for more locos and fitting a quasi-industry standard.

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