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Whenever there are important innovations, ZIMO will automatically inform you via email. Most of the information can be found on the ZIMO website and the ZIMO Newsletters are all available there. Occasionally, the newsletter contains information in advance of the website being updated.

To avoid too many newsletter, and overloading the in-box, not every addition or modification to the website will produce a newsletter. Only information which should go to most users will go into the newsletter, including information on new products, software updates, and "negative: news on problems with new products

This mean that you should not rely on the newsletter by itself for all information, as some changes will only be seen on the website, such as the regular updates to the user manuals, events and other categories of information. In addition to the Newsletter, please read the News Items on the Home Page, or view the RSS feed (which has a separate subscription service).   

If the registration does not work, please send us an e-mail with you contact-data (name, e-mail, language) to office@zimo.at

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